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One of the biggest disappointments with HurtCamp the first time around (season 2) was that we ended up with a few athletes that, as my old man would put it … “didn’t quite cut the mustard.”

The process for qualification back then, was filming a YouTube clip, telling of all your achievements, and why you should be considered to be on Team S4H and effectively become the shows next stars.

So Mylo (the shows director) and I, spent hours watching through all the video clips, trying to make a call based on that clip alone, and had to choose which 12 athletes we were going to make a good attempt at HurtCamp, while also making good TV viewing.

We ended up choosing the 6 guys and 6 girls and for the most part we got it right, but there were a few choices that left us disappointed once Matt started to really ramp up the physicality of the testing.

So for HurtCamp 2.0, we thought about all the best options regarding athlete selection that would get us the absolute best candidates and the fittest everyday people out there, and the S4H Qualies was conceived.

The Qualies will be a 3 part test that happens in November 2023, that we encourage everyone to do as it will be a bunch of fun and you never know, you might just end up in the team and part of season 4.

The 3 tests are as follows …

A timed 5k run, which we encourage people to do through their local Parkrun.

100 Burpees for time.

The Hyrox Personal Fitness Test.

Each test can be done as many times as you want during the month of November to try and improve your times.

The 5K run needs to be verified via official Parkrun results / Strava data.

The 100 burpees via video of the attempt.

And the Hyrox PFT also video’d or signed off on by the gym / box owner or PT.

Participants log in and register their times as they happen in the Qualies section of the website.

Their times automatically enter the Qualies national scoreboard, where the top 8 guys and girls will earn their place at HurtCamp, which will take place at the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation at Narrabeen in NSW.

Qualies will make the perfect member activation for gyms, Crossfit boxes and PT Studio’s and we are organising some great prizes that fitness centres can win just for participating.